Ok to Board for Dubai Visa: Why is it Necessary?

You are all set for your dream Dubai holiday. Your tickets are booked, bags are packed, visas are approved and you are really excited for this upcoming holiday. But suddenly you get an email from your airline enquiring about your Ok to Board status. Now, you are really confused! What is this Ok to Board? You have a valid Dubai. Isn't that enough? In reality, it is not! In fact, your airline would not allow you to board the flight if you do not have Ok to Board status on your visa. Here is all you need to know about the importance of getting an Ok to Board while travelling to Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

Ok to Board

What is an Ok to Board Process? Why is it Necessary?

With more than two million passengers travelling to Dubai airport daily, for security purposes, it becomes necessary to add filters on travellers for obvious security reasons. You have to go through one more formality in the process of completing your documentation work during your trip to Dubai. This was introduced by the UAE immigration to prevent people from entering the country using fake visas. After getting your visa sanctioned, you have to get an ‘ok to board’ approval from the airlines, without which you are not allowed to board the flight.

How to Get an ‘Ok to Board’ Approval?

After getting your visa sanctioned, you have to submit your papers to the airlines. After a thorough check, the airlines will mark your PNR as ‘ok to board’. You have to apply for this process at least 48 hours before you board the flight. The flight staff has an authority to not give you an ‘ok to board’ due to which you may not be allowed to travel. You can directly approach the airline in which you are travelling to Dubai, or you can also apply for ‘ok to board’ online on various travel web portals.

Documents Needed for Immigration at Dubai Airport:

After you have been sanctioned a visa to Dubai, you have cleared the first step of completing the documentation formalities of the immigration process. You only need to carry a valid passport and the original copy of your visa.

Documents Required for ‘Ok to Board’

  • Passport’s first and last page
  • Visa copy
  • Confirm onwards and return journey
  • Pan card copy of the travellers

Why is ‘Ok to Board’ Necessary?

There has been an increase in fake visas and many passengers are deported back to their respective countries in the past. Ok to board is important to minimize the issue of fake visa, which will smoothen the documentation process for both the passengers and also the government officials.

Getting an Ok to Board on your Dubai visa may feel like a major inconvenience, especially after going through the entire visa application process. However, we need to remember that this additional work is only an extra security measure. If you do not have the time to contact your airline company to update your PNR status to OK to Board, you can get this done through a reliable travel or visa company. Getting this done would ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free journey to Dubai.

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