Dubai Airport Immigration – not as complicated as you think

Dubai airport is the tenth busiest airport in the world. Approximately two million passengers arrive at Dubai airport each day. Busy airport means managing a large footfall and standing in long immigration queues. The efficiency of the management at the Dubai airport takes the least time in clearing the immigration process of the passengers.

Standing in the long queues to get the immigration process done, what thought crosses your mind? What takes this process so long and how is it done? The immigration process at Dubai airport is not at all difficult as it sounds.

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Describing Dubai Airport:

One of the biggest airports in Middle East, Dubai is one of the busiest airports in the world. It has three terminals – T1, T2 and T3. Terminal 1 is considered as a main terminal of Dubai airport and all major airlines land and take off from terminal one. The second terminal caters to the FlyDubai airlines of the country and other smaller airlines. The third terminal is exclusively for Emirate services with most posh lounges and heart-warming hospitality and services.

What is an Immigration Process?

Immigration is a process at the airport where government officials check on the legal documents of the passengers. This process includes scrutiny of your passports, visa and other documents. Only after the officials at the airport are satisfied, you are allowed to exit the airport. The immigration officers at the airport are entitled to ask questions, check your baggage if needed and demand the necessary documents. You also have to go through a biometric scan. It is mandatory for Indians to go through a retina scan.

Documents Needed for Immigration at Dubai Airport:

After you have been sanctioned a visa to Dubai, you have cleared the first step of completing the documentation formalities of the immigration process. You only need to carry a valid passport and the original copy of your visa.

Documents Needed to Complete Visa Formalities:

  • Copy of your visa
  • First and last page of your passport (valid for a minimum of six months)
  • Tickets
  • Duly filled online application form
  • Ok to board consent from the airlines

Immigration Process at Dubai Airport:

Fast track immigration process: The Dubai airport has recently installed e-gates/smart gates, where the passengers need not stand in long queues and complete the daunting paperwork at the immigration cell. All you need to do is register yourself and carry a passport with a barcode and leave the airport in four simple steps. Scan your passport with photo and barcode page, step into gates, complete your retina scan and you are ready to go out of the airport. Only passengers with emirates identity cards, above the age of 18 years are allowed to go through this process.

Tips for Faster Immigration at Dubai Airport:

  • Avoid visiting Dubai during festive season to avoid rush at the airport. Also, try landing at the Dubai airport before 10.00 am and after 04.00 pm which are non peak hours.
  • Try booking the front seats of the aircraft to get out of the plane easily, so reach the immigration counter early to avoid rush.
  • If you take only a hand baggage, you can save time at the baggage counter and directly go to the immigration counter.


Despite all the rush and being the tenth busiest airports in the world, the management of the Dubai airport works towards comforting their guests. The Dubai immigration is faster than many busy international airports across the globe. An average time one passenger takes to complete the immigration facility is 4-5 minutes, which also includes retina scan and biometric scan.

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