Common Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection

The thought about going on an international holiday is in itself exciting. Especially, when the place you are planning to visit is Dubai. You have done all the necessary preparations: booked flight tickets, made travel arrangements, decided on the places you want to visit and things you want to do, and read all there is to know about the city. The only thing that you are waiting for is the visa. However, when you get an email from the UAE immigration office, you see that your visa application is rejected. Rejection of your Dubai or UAE visa application is nothing less than devastating. Before you give up or reapply, it would be better to know about some of the common reasons for Dubai visa rejection, so that you can avoid them at all costs.

1. Incomplete or Incorrect Application Form

The visa application form should be completely filled and should have no mistakes. Even if a single section is not filled, it would lead to rejection of your application. Similarly, making any kind of error, be it spelling or factual would lead to visa application for m rejection. Hence, be extremely careful while filling your form. Make sure there is consensus between the information available on your passport and other documents and the application form.

dubaivisa rection reasons

2. Invalid Passport

Before you submit your visa application, make sure that your passport has the appropriate validity. UAE Immigration laws require the passport of the applicant to have minimum 6 months validity from the date of travel. If it does not, apply for a new passport before you apply for your visa.

3. Handwritten Passport

If you have a handwritten passport, your visa application would be rejected out rightly. This rule is not only for UAE but also for most countries in the world. It is extremely important to submit the copy of your printed passport while submitting your UAE visa application.

dubai visa rejection

4. Overstaying Your Last Visit

If you have overstayed during your last visit in Dubai or UAE, it is unlikely that your current visa application would be accepted. People who stay beyond the validity of their visa are likely to get blacklisted as well as face an immigration ban. You may also have to face 3 months jail time or get deported.

5. Existing UAE Visa

If you had applied for a UAE visa previously but did not visit the place, then your new visa application would be rejected. The same rule applies to resident visa that has not been cancelled even if you are no longer living in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. If you have an existing visa under your name, you need to clear it with the UAE immigration department before you apply for a fresh one. Similarly, if you have an unused, but valid work visa issued by a company in the UAE, you need to get it cancelled by the PRO of the company before applying for a new visit visa.

6. Unskilled Profession

If the profession section of your passport mentions unskilled, your visa application to Dubai would be rejected. The UAE Immigration Department does not accept visa applications if the passport of the applicant mentions profession as labourers, farmers, etc.

7. Blurred Photos or Documents

The documents you submit along with the application form should be scanned properly. If the documents are blurred or not clear, the chances of visa application rejection are high. The same is the case with the photos. The photo should be a coloured one and should have a white background. Images that are blurred with improper lighting are not suitable for UAE visa application process. Black and white photos would also be rejected.

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8. Criminal Offence

If you had committed a criminal offence, fraud or misconduct during your previous visit, you are not likely to get a UAE visa this time. The Immigration laws of UAE have strict policies for serious offenders.

9. Similar Identity

If the UAE Immigration Officer receives two visa applications with the same name and birth date, this could lead to rejection or delay in approval of visa.

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10. Woman Under 25 Years Travelling Alone

If you are a woman under the age of 25 and planning to travel to the UAE alone, the chances of your visa application getting rejected are high. UAE laws are quite strict about this matter. The immigration office may ask you to submit a non-objection letter from your parents or spouse before accepting your visa application.

The UAE Immigration Office is not obliged to specify the reason for rejection of a particular visa application. Also, the visa fee would not be refunded even if the visa application is cancelled. Hence, be careful while applying for a UAE or Dubai visa. Making zero mistakes is the first step towards getting a valid visa, which gives you the right to enter the city of Dubai.

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